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Lady Scarlet – Bastard Women

Two friends walk into a bar near closing. The bartender invites them out but they absolutely want a drink. And they always get what they want … In fact, they convince the bartender to make them two cocktails. Not happy, sippin, they point out to him that they have noticed his interest in heels. The bartender is embarrassed and they are visibly amused. They tell him to lie down at their feet and he can now do nothing against their power. So he performs. First they use it as a doormat on which to place their heels to be more comfortable and then they start stepping on it like a worm. Mercilessly. All their weight sinks on his body … And the poor bartender has to promise that from now on they will not have to pay anything and every time they will be able to dispose of him as they wish. They go away like that, leaving him lying on the ground, punctured, resigned and excited …

Lady Scarlet - Bastard Women

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