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Ariadna – Wedge Sandals Trampling

Ariadna tramples Alex in her heavy wedge sandals. She dont afraid to cause slave a pain and even loves to see how he suffers. Ariadna stomps Alex with her full weight (66kg / 145lbs). She also stands only on one foot to leave a beautiful footmarks from her platform sandals soles on the slaves body. Ariadna also stands on the Alexs head and says: “I want to trample you!”. Then Ariadna get off from the slave and says: “Your torment is over… lol, of course not, Ill only take off my shoes!”. After that she takes off her wedge sandals and tramples Alex in black pantyhose. But it doesnt mean light trampling, because Ariadna kicks and stomps slaves body with more power. And of course you will see a head trampling, a standings on one foot and on tiptoes, a throat standing, and finally jumps! Ariadna says that she would like to make a slave to stop breathing, but then reminds that who else will clean her shoes and whole house?

Ariadna - Wedge Sandals Trampling

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