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Mistress Natalia – Goes Flight Too

Mistress Natalia is finished with her boring office days and became a flight attendant! Now she will fly like Roxy, but in different air company. Today she return home after first non-student flight and the slave is lovely waiting her near the door. Mistress Natalia loves her living doormat. She put her baggage on Alex and then steps on his chest. While she standing on him, Mistress Natalia close the door on locks. Then she decide to trample Alex in her black shoes. When Mistress Natalia stomps on the slave he groans and sighs. Do you think its easy to hold full Mistress Natalias weight? When all her 70kg (154lbs) is pushing on the slave and heels are digging into his chest and belly? Then she takes off her shoes and tramples Alex barefoot. Mistress Natalia stomps slaves chest, belly, and even put her feet on his face. The smell of Mistress Natalias feet is really strong! Her feet became sweaty while she flights and now slave smells a really stinky feet. Mistress Natalia loves to dominate her slave and watch how her feet dives into the slaves belly.

Mistress Natalia - Goes Flight Too

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