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Angela – Trampling Challenges

Angela wants to take Alex for a long use. But how she can be sure that the slave can endure everything that Angela want to do with him? So she decide to do some test challenges. First test looks simple, Angela just stomps Alex body with her full weight (50kg / 110lbs) in dirty street ballet flats, nonstop, for one minute. Anyway for Alex its not so easy, so longer Angela tramples him so harder for Alex to take another breath. Ok, a little break for the slave and another test. Second one is much harder. Could Alex endure full Angelas weight (50kg / 110lbs) on his belly for two minutes nonstop? And if she will stand only on one foot and on tiptoes at the same time? Oh, and if Angela put her sweaty and stinky ballet flat on his face and nose? Will see. First one minute slave tries to be a good carpet but after that, when Angela put her foot in ballet flat on his belly and again stands on tiptoes, Alex feels bad, also because hes breath is hard and lungs full of stinky smell from Angelas insoles. Last seconds was like hell for Alex. But the challenges is not finished. Angela starts the last test without rest for the slave. She jumps on Alexs belly on one foot in ballet flat. A little more that 30 jumps on this stupid carpet called Alex. Its very fun for Angela! But for Alex is not. He screams and writhe in pain. After this challenges his body became one big red spot. But Angela likes to see how Alex passes those tests and takes him for longer use as a good human carpet. Video captured from two different cameras and angles.

Angela - Trampling Challenges

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