Trampling Clips


I have my slave bound on the smother bench, with only his ugly face showing Im going to abuse him. I enjoy giving my feet some exercise, and my bitchs face will be used for the purpose. Wearing my beautiful shiny jeans along with my stiletto heels, I approach and stand over him digging my stilettos into his flabby belly. He squeals with pain and know hes going to suffer more from what I have in mind. I then decide to sit on his face, it makes a nice cushion for my beautiful ass as I press down on his face and ass smother him. His gasps for air do no good as I ignore his muffled attempts to breathe. Time for my foot exercise as I remove my shoes and stand on the bench. As he looks up at me, I can see the fear in his pathetic eyes. He knows there is no escape, as I press my feet firmly into his face completely distorting his appearance. What a blast this is, as he desperately tries to breathe. I then get him to open his mouth, and I stick my foot firmly to the back of my bitches throat. Its great fun as he gargles and chokes with every thrust of my foot. I then give him a little breather to compose himself. However, its short lived as I jump and stamp on his flabby belly making him squeal with pain. I finally finish with some more foot smothering, as I stand on his bruised and battered face…


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