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Liliana and Marion – Double Blondies Trampling

Liliana and Marion are best friends. They have a good time: chats, drinks, and relax. Liliana tells Marion about her slave Alex. Marion loves Lilianas tales and ask her to dominate her slave together. Marion is new to trampling and femdom overall but full of enthusiasm. So they decide to trample Alex and first Liliana shows some actions to Marion then she repeats it. Lilianas new weight is 78kg (172lbs) and Marion is 62kg (137lbs). So when Liliana stands on Alex with her full weight he screams a lot. Marion is lighter but she makes slave screaming by standing on tiptoes almost all the time. Then both girls decide to stand on Alex together with total weight of 140kg (309lbs)! It was a real nightmare for the slave, but girls loves to make pain to him. After that they continue to have fun with the slave and now, one by one, tries to make more pain to Alex. Liliana and Marion stands only on one foot and on tiptoes on the slave, they also jumps and laughs. They also make some extreme actions and stands on Alexs face! And Marion stands on Alex face with her full weight and only on one foot makes slaves nose flat and prevent him from breathing. Also Alexs head was pushed deep into the sofa. Its so much fun, so Liliana and Marion decides defenetly takes slave to their next girls party.

Liliana and Marion - Double Blondies Trampling

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