Trampling Videos


There are four slaves in the dungeon, each of them are securly bound in a different way. We have decided to choose one of them to be our trampling slut. As we look at each one of them, we find one that has a bit of a belly on him. Perhaps we can do something about his saggy waistline. We get him on the floor and tell him he is going to receive a workout to tone up his flab. Both mistresses are wearing desiner Louboutin stiletto shoes, and sexy black latex leggins. So our slut is extremely fortunate to receive such classy attention on his flabby gut. However, hes going to suffer. As we commence stamping and pressing our sharp heels into his body, he squeals in pain. We take turns at jumping on him and making sure he feels the full weight and pressure of our beautiful stiletto heels as they penetrate his skin. We need him to suffer more, and decide to remove our shoes and apply some bare foot stamping and jumping on him. Hes making a lot of noise, so some footgagging and facesitting is used to shut him up. His muffled pleas are amusing as we mercilessly continue to pulverise his flabby body. What a lucky slave to have the pleasure of a designer workout from two beautuful mistresses…


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