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Rina – Feel My Weight

Rina wants to trample Alex. She is not heavy, almost 53kg (117lbs). But she can make a lot of pain to the slave. She stomps Alexs body barefeet. Rina stands on the slave on both feet, then only on one foot. She also stands on tiptoes. Sometimes she put her sweaty feet on the slaves nose and makes him smell it. Also she presses slaves nose to prevent his breath for a short time. Then, to make more pain to Alex, she stands only on one foot and on tiptoes on the same time. Rinas foot are diggin into the slaves belly and his face became red. After that she stomp on his chest and jump on his belly. So Alex understand now, that be trampled by 53kg (117lbs) is not an easy task, if mistress know how to use her weight right.

Rina - Feel My Weight

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