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I put my slaves head on the sofa, and started trampling it while looking upward with my beautiful feet in Black Diamond Fishnet Stockings… I ordered him not to move and to feel my feet and the pressure on his face … I started to smash it with my perfect soles , I even practice several jumps on its face while looking upward and also side looking, her head was like my trampoline hahaha and it bounces off the furniture while I JUMP ON IT. I gave her a small breath of 2 seconds while I see her face and her red eyes and I continue trampling again, rubbering its face gently with my feet. He wasnt able to support my weight and he started making noises because of the pain, so I heavily STOOD on his face and told him not to make any noise … I punished him by doing high jumps on his face several times and then I started with a repertoire of FOOT SLAPS (delicious sound) . After that I pressed my HEELS ON HIS EYES very hard until he screams (there you can see the POV shot) After that I trampled  his neck until his face was red and I continued with the face stomping very HARDLY. Then I played with my feet on his neck again and again  until he is breathless. Again I had to punish his eyes with my heels digging on his EYES and for that I put myself in a better position, I sat behind him and let all the weight of my heels fall, sinking them into his EYEBALLS. I used his face as I want, I stood on his mouth, lips, nose wherever I want.The torment isnt over I made him lay on the floor…I started trampling on his stomach with the tips toes to cause hard pain pressing hard until they sinked  into his belly … I kept pressing that way now using only one foot to put all my weight and go deeper in his belly,(He writhed in agony)  then I kept marching on him until reach his neck, where I press my feet with all my weight, one foot on his neck and the other on his belly … he tried to get my foot out of his neck but his attempt was useless (I ordered him to be quiet and not touch again my foot) I kept pressing his neck for several minutes, (there you can see a shot from my POV). I STOMPED him on the neck and throat merciless, then dropped my full weight with both feet on his throat.  I moved his face to the side …  the floor is harder and more painful, I stepped on the side of his face and marched with my  feet quickly to cause more pain haha. Then I focused on KICKING and STOMPING his belly and for that I told him to turn his body and started kicking and stomping hardly. I continued with the trampling on his throat, face  and body … I  gave him lots of stomping … I started foot  slapping  on his face (there you can see my POV) … Then I jumped on his stomach and he It starts to turn red and he tried to grab my feet with his hands … obviously he gained some strong slaps with my feet. I also stepped on his HANDS and ARM…  so the clip continues with more trampling on his throat and stomping on his belly, he is completely trampled and dominated by me … marching on his chest and on his face while I recorded with my Iphone from above and I laughed at him … FINALLY I WALKED AROUND his whole body clockwise  and then I hit him in the face HARD a few more times … I MADE HIM KISS MY FEET AND ASKED HIM IF HE LEARNED HIS LESSON … Of course he did …Left him in the floor.


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