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Liliana and Sonya – Double Trampling

Liliana wants to have fun and ask her friend Sonya to stomps slave together. First both girls stands on the scales, one by one, to calculate their weight. So Lilianas weight is 77.1 kg (170 lbs) and Sonya is 65.0 kg (143 lbs). They tramples Alex together with total weight of 142.1 kg (313 lbs). First Liliana shows Sonya what and how to do, and then Sonya repeats that. They stands on the slave on both feet, only on one foot, and on tiptoes. And maximum pain was caused to the slave when both girls stands together on one foot or on tiptoes. Then Liliana and Sonya stands on the slaves face barefoot with their full weight. Also their feet are sweaty and stinky. Girls squeezes slaves nose with feet and loves this. Finally Liliana and Sonya jumps on Alex and laughts when he writhe in pain.

Liliana and Sonya - Double Trampling

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