Trampling Clips

Rina – Stewardess Trampling

Stewardess Rina tramples the slave in flight shoes and in stockings with her full weight (53kg / 117lbs). She stomps Alexs body without pity. Rina stands on the slave on both feet and only on one foot. She is also diggs her heels inside Alexs belly to make him cry. Then Rina takes off her flight shoes and put one of them on the slaves face. She tapes her shoe to his face very firmly, so poor slave hardly can take a breath. Then Rina stands on Alex once again and tramples him with more power then ever. She stands on the slaves body on both feet, only on one foot, and on tiptoes. She also presses her shoe to the Alexs face with her feet to make him stop breathing. And when she releace her feet for a while, slave inhales a life-giving air like crazy. But this air is not fresh… because Rinas flight shoes are very well worn and have a strong smell of sweat. Do you think its easy to breathe through stinky well worn flight shoes? Even barefoot Rina diggs her heels inside Alexs belly and other things to makes him suffer. Finally she jumps on the slaves chest and belly with her full weight and then takes her shoe from his face and goes for another flight.

Rina - Stewardess Trampling

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