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Lisa – Extreme Trampling

Lisa tramples Alex in her black gothic boots with spiked high heels. Those heels are thin and covered with sharp metal thorns (like roses). Lisa stomps on Alexs chest and belly and didnt care about heel positions or weight balance, so sometimes she press slaves body with full weight on her heel. And Lisas weight is 62kg (137lbs). So Alex screams and moans a lot in this video. She also stands only on one foot on the slave. Lisa also press Alexs mouth with her rough boots soles and pull her heel deep into slaves cheek. At the final moments of this video, one of the plastic heeltap fell off from the left boot. So Lisa makes few steps on Alex with sharp metal needle instad of small plastic heeltap. The result was dark bruises on the slaves body that remains on him for two weeks.

Lisa - Extreme Trampling

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