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Kendra – Killer Heels

Kendra James as the Baroness, a supervillain/superheroine on a mission (with her colleagues Amadahy, Alexis, and Barbara) to establish real, total, financial female domination.And what better place to start than that bastion of largely male mis-management, the U.S. Congress?In the opening, Kendra dresses ? smoothing her bra, running her hands over her body, adjusting her stockings, twirling her heel ? while preparing for her femme fatale seduction of “Congressman Boner.” She briefs Boner on the fact that shes discovered not only a pattern of wayward spending ? but of massive purchases of fetish items using his personal and government accounts.Having enslaved him to her incredible legs and feet, the Baroness proceeds to trample him into submission, grinding her heels cruelly into his head while mocking him both for his misdeeds, and by how easy it was to dominate him. While shes doing this, shes taking over all his accounts, personal and congressional, using her mobile phone. “You trampled the country,” she notes. “Now Im trampling you ? fiscally, personally, literally, and figuratively.”Once all thats done, the Baroness is bored, and realizes, its time. She places Boner on the ledge of his overpriced, taxpayer-financed luxury penthouse, poking at him a few last times with her feet and heels. The same instruments that led him to misappropriate the publics money have lured him into enslavement and submission….and now, those feet and heels, covering the endless legs of Kendra James, are going to be the instruments of his destruction. “Youre on the precipice… any last words?” Very well, Kendra says: “Time to send you… OVER the fiscal CLIFF.” Just one more nudge from her pretty heels and….TRAMPLING, FOOT WORSHIP, LEG WORSHIP, PANTYHOSE DOMINATION, FEMME FATALE, FEMALE ASSASSIN, HIGH HEELS

Kendra - Killer Heels

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