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Bad day for a unlucky driver – full clip / HD

A man have broken down in wood and look under the car for the engine, but unfortunatelly for him Mistress Kitty walk on his way and she is in a bad mood. She begin to trample him under her wedge heeled shoes and the poor man is locked uner the car and cant do anything. Mistress Kitty stomp him, trample his balls hardly, digs her heels in his stomack, crush his hand and choke him by cruhing his throat. After the brutal trample, Mistress Kitty want her dirty soles cleaned, she orders the man to lick the dirt under her soles, the man lick the soles over and over, eat the filth and dirt and Mistress Kitty slap him for her own pleasure. When her shoes are spotless, Mistress Kitty walk away and the man turn bak under the car.

Bad day for a unlucky driver - full clip / HD

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